Friday, September 25, 2009

Long time feels like it's been FOREVER since I was last on here! I've just been SO busy
with just, life, i guess. I havnt had much time to just sit and write like this...
but all that time I havn;t stopped baking once! I've been working,
and cooking and baking non-stop!
I started my senior year in high school(draggg),
so i've been focusing a lot on that, and college apps and what not.
SO stressful=[[..but hopefully all the hard work we've done("laughs")
will eventually pay off!
However I do want to get back into the whole blogging thing when i'm
not CRAZY stressed out. Because doing stuff like this really does
help calm down all the stress of life.

ANYWAYS!...the picture up there is from a batch of cupcakes I made
for my best friends birthday the other day. They're "coffee and donut cupcakes"!
How cute is that!? It's really not much of a recipe though.
I just took a good recipe for coffee flavored cupcakes, looked up a coffee
buttercream frosting, then top it all off with store-bought
mini donuts! I dipped the donut tops into the buttercream(hehe)
and this gave me an excuse to go ALL OUT and decorate each one
with tons and tons of sprinkles (or whatever
you happen to have in your pantry!)

Everyone LOVED them. And my best friend couldnt believe
how cute, and fun they were! These would be great to make
for a kids birthday party, or even for sucking up to your boss
or coworkers at work!

Feels good to be back!