Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, happy belated birthday. it was really on Sep. 4th. but I was just WAY too busy to do a post that day. 
A bunch of my girlfriends, plus my parents took me to the Hotel Bel Air sunday, for the loveliest brunch i've ever had in my life.
Not only was the food absolutely amazing, but just the whole entire atmosphere was so beautiful and elegant, I could honestly live there.
I, of course took some pictures of just some of the food we had.

Maple-Bourbon creme brulee French Toast
This, we thought, out of ALL the food on the table, was the best BY FAR. Think of the best french toast you've ever had in your life, then times that by 1 million, and that's how amazing this was!

Lobster Ravioli with Spinach and Mushrooms
This is what I ordered, and it was, no surprise, the best ravioli ever!

Strawberry Melba on a belgian waffle with vanilla ice cream
Now dessert, we of course had more food, but I was too busy eating to take pictures :P
This dessert was verrry good. Fresh, but still decadent.

Warm Chocolate cake

Homemade cookies and chocolates
Mmm...fresh, hot cookies

Then, just when I thought dessert was over, the waiter brings us this beautiful tray of cupcakes! From the picture, i'm sure you can guess that their vanilla cupcakes, with chocolate, and vanilla frosting. And of course, the ones with the carrots on them, are carrot cake!...these were absolutely amazing!...and on the top of the tray, it said "Happy birthday bronte" on a thin, big piece of white chocolate...yummmm.
Andddd, one of the coolest parts about it all, the Hotel Bel Air pastry chef himself!, came out to personally wish me a happy birthday, and I of course bombarded him with questions and what not. He was so nice, he didn't even charge us for those wonderful cupcakes!

All in all, this was really one birthday I will never forget!


The Food Librarian said...

Happy Birthday!! What a great b-day meal!

Linda said...

Happy belated birthday Bronte! Hotel Bel Air is such a wonderful place for brunch...it was gorgeous in LA last weekend, so sounds like it was a perfect setting for your celebration!

Passionate Baker said...

yeaaa!! it really was, thanks guys!! =]]

Ingrid said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Everything looks good. I'm thinking the French toast and ravioli would have been my choices as well! Was that first picture one of a dessert you made? I love how you wrote Happy Birthday with chocolate. It came out so well!

SiHaN said...

that sounds like such a wonderful bdae celebration. Happie belated birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

yummy pictures and ha,belated happy B'Day.