Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My First Tuesdays with Dorie!...

TWD: Apple Chedder Scones
(fresh out of the oven)

This is my first tuesdays with dorie challenge, and to be completely honest, when I saw what the recipe was, I was a little nervous, to say the least.

I've made scones in the past before, but they were always either plain, or had some type of currant, or raisin in them( cause my dad's not the biggest fan of sweets, when it comes to scones)...but nevertheless, I was still very intrigued to see what putting dried apples, and chedder cheese in a breakfast scone. Pretty savory if you ask me!

...But come on, anything Dorie's got in that little amazing book of hers has to be great anyways.

So starts my great adventure of these Apple Chedder Scones.

These weren't all that hard to bake, surprisingly, although, I do really need to work on my "scone shape",(says my mom)...the recipe said to pat the dough out into a 1/2 inch rectangle shape, and you should get 12 equal parts. Well, I guess I shaped it wrong, cause I got 10 scones, which I just cut in half, and made them a little smaller.

With the shapes being totally off, these really did come out great, I served them with some butter, and apricot jam, and they were GRRRRREAT!

They were soft, light, and chewy, without being TOO dry and crumbly like a regular scone could be. My parents, who LOVE scones for breakfast completely ate these up! And said they really really loved these.

My dad also commented that he'd be taking the rest of them to work with him the next morning for breakfast.

I love when my family enjoys what I bake, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, and that's truly a great feeling.

I highly suggest making these. You will not be disappointed I guarantee!

By the way, thanks TWD for letting me be apart of this whole thing!

I really appreciate it!! =]]


Prudy said...

Congrats on your first challenge! They look wonderful and sound delish with the apricot jam.

mindy said...

I LOOOVE scones! These looks delish--I usually use either a bit of espresso powder and chopped dark chocolate or fruit (lately strawberries) in mine. Probably not the most traditional, but tasty! Congrats on your first TWD post!

Jacque said...

Yours looks so nice! I think it was good you cut them down. Mine spread so my "hearty" scones turned out even bigger after baking.


Passionate Baker said...

Thanks to all you guys!! =D

Kayte said...

You did a wonderful job on these scones...and I like the shape just fine. Welcome...great work!

Di said...

Your scones look great! Sounds like everyone really enjoyed them. Welcome to TWD!

Lauren said...

welcome to the group! I also enjoy baking and making people happy in the process. Keep this blog up and you'll be making a lot of people happy on a regular basis with all your experiments

Pamela said...

Welcome to TWD! Glad your parents enjoyed them so much. I was a little worried about the combination at first, too. But I ended up loving them!

Dolores said...

Welcome to TWD! How neat that you can bake for your family and they appreciate the results (even when they're not perfectly shaped). Great job!

Rebecca said...

Your dad took them to work? That's awesome! Welcome to TWD!

Barbara said...

Scones are good in any shape, as far as I'm concerned! So glad you tried them despite your doubts. Welcome!